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The Magic Merry-Go-Round

By Daria van den Bercken, Pavel Kolesnikov, Samson Tsoy

Family concert for all ages

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1985. Six-year-old Daria waltzes over to the teacher across the street to take her first-ever music lesson. Soon, we hear the first children’s songs fill the living room. ‘Ten minutes’ practice every day,’ she’s told. The music transports her to new worlds.

A few thousand miles away, Pavel’s starting piano lessons, too, in Novosibirsk, Russia. He plays fanciful dances and gradually learns to play better and better. The dream of becoming a professional musician is slowly coming true.

2021. Daria and Pavel join one another on stage and play pieces from their childhood for one another. Pieces that caught their imagination, captured their heart and improved their technique. 

Daria and Pavel are then joined by their friend, Samson, to play pieces by Gubaidulina, Kabalevsky, Mussorgsky, Prokofiev, Schumann and Tchaikovsky. 

Allow yourself to be whisked away by the music from Daria’s and Pavel’s early careers. Give your imagination full rein and dream away! And lastly, follow them on their musical journey to a picture exhibition.


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