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By Daria van den Bercken, Jeremy Denk, Britten Sinfonia, Micha Wertheim, Enrico Pace, Gabriela Montero, Hans Dagelet, Mahan Esfahani, Rami Khalifé, a.o.

With Piano Biennale Passe-partout A you can go to all* concerts during the festival. Both in Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem and at Schouwburg de Vereeniging in Nijmegen. ** Immerse yourself in the world of the piano and experience this instrument like never before. Music, theater, exhibition, you will see, hear and experience more than just concerts during the Piano Biennale!


Passe-partout A applies to all* concerts (both Arnhem and Nijmegen) with the choice of Friday 8PM Phion & Saturday 8PM Grand pianists (both in Arnhem).

Passe-partout B applies to all* concerts (both Arnhem als Nijmegen) with the choice of Friday PM Devilish fingers and pure poetry & Saturday 8PM ‘Money, money, money’ (Phion) (both Nijmegen).

You will receive more than 50% discount on all concerts!

Price passe-partout: €150
Friends discount: 15%

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*The children’s workshops, Jeremy Denk’s Thursday evening presentation concert and Laurens de Man’s organ concert are not included in the passe-partouts

**There are two concerts to choose from: Friday evening 8 p.m. and Saturday evening 8 p.m:

Passe-partout A: All* concerts(both Arnhem and Nijmegen) with the choice of Friday evening 8PM Phion & Saturday evening 8PM Great pianists (both Arnhem)

Passe-partout B: All concerts**(both Arnhem and Nijmegen) with the choice of Friday evening 8PM NSVK & Saturday evening 8PM Phion (both Nijmegen)

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HOOFDFOTO Daria van den Bercken_9_© Sophia van den Hoek

Free the Piano

Mathilde Wantenaar composed her Rhapsody for Piano and Strings specifically for Daria van den Bercken and Britten Sinfonia, as an answer to Bach’s fifth Brandenburg Concerto. The world’s oldest and very youngest piano concerto on a single night – the Piano Biennial has commenced!

HOOFDFOTO ©NicolasServe_Israel-10 (1)

Le sacre du printemps and El amor brujo

With his radical innovations, Israel Galván shakes flamenco to its foundations. He dances to Le sacre du printemps, one of the most groundbreaking works of the 20th century, in the version for two pianos.