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By Daria van den Bercken, Julien Brocal, Introdans


We often see and hear the piano as a solo instrument. But what happens when the pianist is surrounded by dancers? Pianists Daria van den Bercken and Julien Brocal are up for the challenge and experiment with Introdans’ dancers and young choreographers.

Daria explains, ’The choreographers each have their own particular interpretation of the piece. This adds to its character. And for us as pianists, this adds a new dimension and an intriguing, personal dynamic. I was actually quite surprised to discover that the choreographers heard things in the music that I’d never heard before, yet were totally in keeping with the piece’s character. It was extremely invigorating to work on this project and experience the dancers’ energy and enthusiasm.’

NEXT! is a spectacle to behold.

The Piano Biënnale invited the Introdans dance company to collaborate on an inspiring pas de deux between pianist and dancers. A magnificent challenge for the dance company’s up-and-coming talent. NEXT! is a collaboration between the Piano Biënnale and Introdans, co-produced by De Nieuwe Oost, in which young choreographers are mentored as they explore and put their talent to the test.

‘We hebben zoveel ontluikend talent bij Introdans, dat bruist en bloeit. Ik ben blij dat we talentontwikkeling hier op heel bijzondere wijze kunnen stimuleren. We verwachten spannende dialogen tussen dansers en pianisten, tussen dans en pianomuziek.’

Roel Voorintholt, artistiek directeur Introdans


F. MompouPaisajes: La fuente y la campana, El Lago, Carros de Galicia
C.Ph.E. BachFantasie in fis Wq 67
F. RzewskiWinnsboro Cotton Mill Blues uit de Four North American Ballads
Padre A. Soler/David DrammThe Soler Variations


Julien Brocal, piano
Daria van den Bercken, piano
Elena Pampoulova, choreograaf
Ruben Ameling, choreograaf
Lucas Donner, choreograaf
Jurriën Schobben, choreograaf
Introdans, dansers
Diederik Verbakel, kostuumontwerp
De Nieuwe Oost, artistieke begeleiding

What are you going to see?

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