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From Living Room to Concert Hall – Part III

By Pavel Kolesnikov, Anthony Marwood, Jennifer Stumm, Jakob Koranyi


Chamber music originated when friends and family came together to listen to piano music in the comfort of their living rooms. That’s why we start the evening in a homely setting and let the music take us on a journey to the modern-day concert hall – a journey through the golden era of chamber music.  

In Part III, we hear Brahms’ Piano Quartet No. 1 – one of the highlights from the world of chamber music. Brahms composed the first two of his three piano quartets at a relatively young age – he was still in his twenties. We’ll be celebrating a century of chamber music with the piano being accompanied by a string trio comprising three of its brightest stars.


Johannes Brahms – Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25


Pavel Kolesnikov (piano)
Anthony Marwood (violin)
Jennifer Stumm (viola)
Jakob Koranyi (cello)

What are you going to see?

Who are you going to see?

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