Practical information

Two cities, one festival

The Piano Biennial is organized in collaboration with the concert venues Musis & Stadstheater Arnhem and Stadsschouwburg en Concertgebouw De Vereeniging Nijmegen. These venues are the beating heart of the Piano Biennial festival.

Arnhem – Musis

The beautifully renovated concert hall Musis Arnhem provides stages to musicians during the Piano Biennial in two halls. Both the modern Parkzaal and the historical Muzenzaal will host concerts.

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Nijmegen – De Vereeniging

Concertgebouw De Vereeniging in Nijmegen will offer a stage to musicians during the Piano Biennial with its beautiful nineteenth-century hall. A venue with allure, where masters of all centuries will be heard on stage.

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Situated right across Musis, on the Velperplein in Arnhem. JANS’ combines an approachable and classy interior with beautiful and tasty food, accessible to regular Joes and connoisseurs alike. A real Arnhem treat.

You’re welcome at JANS’ at any time of the day. Before your concert at Musis, for example. That’s why they also have a theater menu: a two-course dinner for only €28,50 (don’t forget to make a reservation).

Menu and reservations Jans

Restaurant de Vereeniging

The kitchen of restaurant De Vereeniging in Nijmegen is characterized by an elegant form of ‘fine dining’ based on produce grown from Dutch soil. All chutneys, ice creams, and sauces are homemade, and the pastries and picked vegetables are also all made in Nijmegen.

Opened Wednesday through Sunday from 11.30. The kitchen is open from 12.00 until 20.30.

Menu and reservations de Vereeniging