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We believe in the power of partnerships.

It’s thanks to partnerships that the Piano Biënnale will become such a resounding success.

Co-production partners


I’ve been really enthusiastic about the Piano Biënnale from the very outset. And my enthusiasm continues to grow by the day. The festival is the brainchild of internationally renowned pianist and cultural sector entrepreneur Daria van den Bercken. She excels in combining her artistic programmes with outstanding public communication. And it’s great to be working with our colleagues in Nijmegen – unique even – because it’s the first time that our region has worked together to put on a festival like this. Hopefully, it will open new opportunities, and we’re really looking forward to this possibility. It’s an honour, especially in these times, when the cultural sector really needs a boost.

Hans Verbugt, Director
De Vereeniging

The piano sounds magnificent in so many ways in the De Vereeniging. I’m really proud to be collaborating with Musis Arnhem to produce the online première of the Piano Biënnale! With Daria van den Bercken as the driving force behind this project, I’m certain it’s going to be an unforgettable experience for the audiences, which will resonate for years to come. We’re looking forward to a long-term partnership.’

Eva Middelhoff, Director

Artistic partners


The Piano Biënnale invited the Introdans dance company to collaborate on an inspiring pas de deux between pianist and dancers. A magnificent challenge for the dance company’s up-and-coming talent.

Roel Voorintholt, Artistic Director

Thanks to our partnership with the Piano Biënnale, we’ll be able to give our chamber music fans a little extra this year, in addition to the concerts we already programme for our loyal followers. It’s an honour to be supporting the festival and hope to reach an even wider audience as a result.

Henk Beerten, Chairperson

It’s our love of music and our profession that motivates us to share music with as many people as possible. Throughout the Piano Biënnale, we’ll be breaking down the walls of the traditional concert experience and bringing together music, dance and art in and around the piano.

Joost Smeets, Programmer
logo de nieuwe oost

The Piano Biënnale is a prime example of what ambitious cultural entrepreneurs can achieve when they dream big. It’s a vision we share with our artists as part of our work at De Nieuwe Oost. Interdisciplinary collaborations challenge musicians, dancers and audiences – new and old alike – to rethink the art of performance. It’ll be an artistic partnership we’ll all want to see more of. That’s for sure!

Eve Hopkins, Artistic Director

Funds & grants


VSBfonds supports initiatives for and by anyone actively looking to contribute towards society, in the form of donations, practical information and networking. In particular, the fund aims to promote self-reliance and mutual reliance throughout the Netherlands by supporting cultural projects and providing scholarships and grants. Projects and resources that enable everyone in the Netherlands’ diverse society to grow, learn and interact with one another and from one another. Hence, our slogan, ‘Everyone participates!’


For young pianists to follow a course of continuing education abroad and cultural projects for the visually impaired.


Fonds21 makes entrepreneurial, cultural and special social initiatives possible. It supports promising projects big and small in the areas of Art & Culture and Youth & Society. Fond21 gives applicants the opportunity to make their dreams come true.



Dioraphte is a charitable fund active in various sectors including the performing arts in the Netherlands.



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