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and that’s to bring the wealth of amazing piano music to an even wider audience

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Expressing our love of music

Internationally renowned pianist Daria van den Bercken came up with the idea for the Piano Biënnale. The festival provides a platform for musicians who want to venture away from the well-trodden paths to reach new and wider audiences with their piano music. It’s an invigorating festival in which the piano takes centre stage, surrounded by a variety of other genres and art forms. A journey that starts with music, but ends absolutely anywhere via every art form imaginable. A feast for aficionados and newcomers to concert halls alike. Come with an open mind and eager curiosity!

Daria van den Bercken

About the Keys To Music Foundation

Internationally renowned pianist Daria van den Bercken set up the Keys To Music Foundation five years ago. In her own words, ‘… to work on projects in her own way and to her own taste.’ And, of course, as a musician to make music more accessible to new and younger audiences.

To publicise her music, she started taking her piano playing to her audiences, instead of getting them to come to her – she’s played the piano while being towed down Amsterdam’s canals, and even while dangling from a crane high above her audience! And she’s become an international smash hit with projects like Handel at the Piano and Keys to Mozart. In a popular TED Talk, she explained how a state of ‘pure, unprejudiced amazement’ is what fuels her.

About Daria van den Bercken

Dutch-Russian pianist Daria van den Bercken is a multiple prize-winning artist. Daria is widely celebrated for her ‘musical affection and an immaculate virtuosity’ (Gramophone), as well as being ‘a model for musicians of the future’ (Amsterdam Art Prize Jury).

About the Piano Biënnale team

Daria v/d Bercken

Artistic Leader

‘Orchestrates’ the festival in which she also performs!


Jill Pisters

Business Manager

Keeps the festival’s business affairs running ‘in tune’ and ‘on the beat’!

+31 (0)6 41 318317

Laura Jonker


‘Fine-tunes’ everyone and everything to create a spectacular festival!

+31 (0)6 33 760332

Liz Seuren

Content Marketer

Creates content that makes your heart sing!

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Jorieke de Fretes

Online Marketer

Gets us the likes, follows and online engagement that pull in all our concertgoers!

+31 (0)6 30 585780

Robin de Bruijn


Collects and tells the stories about the music and musicians that make our festival a reality!

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Marleen Paping


Gets our name and story out there among the mainstream media!

+31 (0)6 54 661998

Special thanks to …

David Djindjikhachvili for creating much of the Piano Biënnale’s imagery and photographic materials.

Take a look at some of the Keys to Music Foundation’s other projects.

Daria van den Bercken’s TED Talk

In this TED Talk, she explains how a state of ‘pure, unprejudiced amazement’ is what fuels her.

A Handel Surprise

Daria van den Bercken also made a film, especially for TEDxAmsterdam, about how one piece of music can evoke so many emotions and responses.

Keys to Mozart

What is it that makes Mozart so universal? A quest exploring the inner structures of Mozart’s music.

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