19 – 23 April 2023music, dance & online

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19 – 23 April 2023music, dance & online

The festival is an interactive world of music, art and dance centring on and revolving around the piano. In Arnhem and Nijmegen from 13 to 16 May 2021 and online as a series of livestreams, live chats, interactive talk shows and – for our youngest audience members – music and dance workshops.

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NEXT! We often see and hear the piano as a solo instrument. But what happens when the pianist is surrounded by dancers? Pianists Daria van den Bercken and Julien Brocal are up for the challenge and experiment with Introdans’ dancers and youn…

Beethoven’s Birthday Party

Beethoven’s 250th birthday party was cancelled last year, like most of our parties. A real shame because Beethoven contributed so much to piano music. So, to make up for it, we’re gonna hang up a few streamers and pop a few poppers, by performi…

Why not ‘go-as-you-please’?
Einav Yarden 2 16-9

Dance & Trance

Song and dance are part of the very essence of being human. And they’re the fundamental building blocks of music. Pianists Einav Yarden and Hannes Minnaar take you on a journey as they explore the extremes of these fundamentals. …

Daria van den Bercken

The Magic Merry-Go-Round

1985. Six-year-old Daria waltzes over to the teacher across the street to take her first-ever music lesson. Soon, we hear the first children’s songs fill the living room. ‘Ten minutes’ practice every day,’ she’s told. The music transports her t…

Piano, Piano with Amsterdam Sinfonietta

‘Fearless, dazzling, exceptional,’ were the words The Guardian used to describe pianist Tamara Stefanovich. Amsterdam Sinfonietta accompanies soloist Tamara Stefanovich in solo works for piano and strings by Busoni and Wagemans. In this program…

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In de zaal

De Vereeniging
Musis Stadstheater

Podcast –
‘If I were a pianist …’

We’ve all perhaps dreamt of a life as a pianist, but what’s it like in reality?

Four pianists bring these dreams to life – our dreams, their lives! Host Robin de Bruijn takes you on a journey reviewing memorable and defining moments in their lives – their childhoods, teenage years, adulthood and then the pandemic.

By the end of the podcast, you’ll know what it means to be a pianist – will you still be dreaming of a life as a pianist? Find out!

Listen to the first episode on Spotify!

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